King of Pops Yoga @ O4W Skate Park #KOPyoga

You know it's officially it's spring in Atlanta when King of Pops brings back yoga at O4W Skate Park! This is one of my favorite free activities in Atlanta. It's a perfect way to end the weekend and get your yoga on. Come early, throw down your mat, kick off your shoes and enjoy the … Continue reading King of Pops Yoga @ O4W Skate Park #KOPyoga


Sedona, AZ

  Exploring around Sedona this past weekend was truly incredible. It was geological wonderland full of rock formations and scenic views for miles. While bringing a dog to hike up Cathedral Rock probably wasn't the brightest idea I've ever had, the views we did see were beautiful and worth the drive. The views from both … Continue reading Sedona, AZ

Coffee Break / Resolutions

I'm typically not the type to have a new year's resolution, let alone write a blog post about it. This year, however, has been a little different in many ways. 2016 was a hard year so my resolution for 2017 was to truly make a lifestyle change and to simply be happy. While 2016 saw some … Continue reading Coffee Break / Resolutions

Lookout Mountain, GA

While the summer in Atlanta is miserable beyond compare, the one perk is the proximity to day trips outside the metro area. We spent a fun afternoon roaming around Lookout Mountain and playing around at Rock City Gardens. I figured it was going to be a tourist trap (which it kinda was) but the views … Continue reading Lookout Mountain, GA