Lookout Mountain, GA

While the summer in Atlanta is miserable beyond compare, the one perk is the proximity to day trips outside the metro area. We spent a fun afternoon roaming around Lookout Mountain and playing around at Rock City Gardens. I figured it was going to be a tourist trap (which it kinda was) but the views were worth it. It featured waterfalls, caves, a suspension bridge and you can even ‘See 7 States’. We probably had more fun running across the suspension bridge and through the caves like little kids more than anything else. While Rock City Gardens was more of a tourist/theme park rather than traditional gardens, it boasts awesome views and had fun caves, waterfalls, and even a ‘Fat Man Squeeze’, which did not disappoint.


Unbeknownst to me, they had on of my favorite things: suspension bridges! This one is about 200ft and was still a blast to run and jump across, even if it was a little sketchy. It also set the scene for some pretty cool pictures of Taylor looking out over Chattanooga, TN.

img_0566 Processed with VSCO with m5 preset

The 100ft waterfall and ‘Lover’s Leap’ was beautiful to look at but i’m pretty sure at that point in the day it was so hot that we were just happy to be in the shade. Like most ‘Lover’s Leap’ sites, this one is marked with legends of romantic tragedy. For us, it was just a big rock with an artificial waterfall. There was at least a pretty view so that’s gotta count for something. The history of Rock City is interesting enough but hardly mentioned anywhere inside the park. It’s fun enough for an afternoon. Go ‘See Rock City’, buy the birdhouse in the gift shop, and cross it off your list. img_0599


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