Sedona, AZ


View from The Chapel of the Holy Cross. Sedona, AZ.

Exploring around Sedona this past weekend was truly incredible. It was geological wonderland full of rock formations and scenic views for miles. While bringing a dog to hike up Cathedral Rock probably wasn’t the brightest idea I’ve ever had, the views we did see were beautiful and worth the drive. The views from both the desert floor and atop the rock formations were both equally impressive. It was perfect weather, for me atleast, to hike around and explore. It was a bit chilly but created the this incredible fog that rolled over each rock formation and really made the red rocks pop.

After our hike up Cathedral rock, we played tourist and stopped by The Chapel of the Holy Cross to see the views and boy they were worth the hype. The church is perched atop the red rocks with views of the entire valley. Fair warning, the church has a tiny parking lot so finding a space might be tricky on the weekends. I’m told that when exploring around the Sedona valley that you feel a spiritual presence being within the vortex energy centers. I didn’t feel any different but to each their own! You can read more on the Sedona Vortexes here. 

View from The Chapel of the Holy Cross. Sedona, AZ.

This past weekend was also the perfect time to see the desert blooms! With all the rain in the desert lately, we saw so many different plants in bloom in a wide variety of colors. We also saw some pretty cool cactus and that I couldn’t even pretend to know the names of. This purple one was a pretty cool find near the church parking lot.

dsc_8173 dsc_8095  Overall it was  great day hike and look forward to seeing these beautiful red rocks once again. For next time, we probably won’t try bringing a dog to scale the side of a rock formation in the rain.. but who knows! If you’re headed there, make sure you visit the Red Rock Visitor Center. This is where you can buy your Red Rock Pass parking pass and talk to the experts that can help you plan your day. Prices for the Red Rock Pass are:
Daily Red Rock Pass: $5
Weekly Red Rock Pass: $15
Annual Red Rock Pass: $20






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